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Kayla. 18. Still in High School. It's the day after she became legal and here she is, in my office, telling me she's been wanting to do porn since...well, way too fucking young to put that in writing here. Yes - jackpot! She wants the fame and the money and she has the looks and enthusiasm to get both if she ever meets a real producer. Unfortunately she's also a wee bit insane. Her obligatory mental breakdown starts early when she sings little tunes while I'm fucking her, and she's already got that pornstar paranoia down and so will only call from a blocked number. I usually don't answer those calls but for her I make an exception. Until now: A girl who wipes cum off her face with a sock from a potential employer (LOL) while he's not looking is not to be trusted. Besides, I think she caught on to my game in the end, or at least she's suspicious. That goodbye kiss at the cameras in the end wasn't really fueled with the kind of hopeful enthusiasm I usually see. For her age she's fucked too many guys and is just way too good at it. Kayla is every dad's worst nightmare... and pretty much my dream interviewee. I asked her how she got to be so damn good at fucking and in a serious tone she says she was born for sex. The truth? She is absolutely right.

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